The benefits of 1-1 Martial Arts in Lincoln lessons

Martial Arts in Lincoln – Private lessons at Defence Lab Lincoln

We’re proud to now be offering private sessions for those wanting to take their training up a level. Private tuition can have many benefits for your own training, from increased time to train yourself, to an ability to ask questions and go a little more in depth in principles that there might not be time for in a regular class.

So here we are – our top 5 benefits of private martial arts in Lincoln lessons.

1 – Private training for you

A private lesson is exactly that. Private for you and tailored for you. When you book in for a private lesson, we’ll discuss what you want from the lesson and what you’d like to improve on and from that, a lesson plan will be drawn up to best develop these skills. For that hour, the attention is on you and your own growth and progression. This means a little more personal and tailored a class plan than in a regular class, as well as the undivided attention of the instructor.

2 – More time on your drills

Private training means you can potentially get in double the amount of training as in a regular class. Why? Because you’re not also having to pad feed or have the drill done on you. While pad feeding and feeling the drill is an essential part of training in itself, it can be good just to come and smash the pads on your own once in a while. This is where private training can come in handy. A one hour private session will have you smiling, sweating and send your learning through the roof!

3 – Shift worker, no problem!

A change in work patterns or home life can sometimes mean that training at certain times has to take a backseat – it’s all part of life! While we encourage anyone who misses a week to make it up the week after, another option is to book in for a private session to catch up with any drills you may have missed, or may have struggled with previously. Come in for a private, have a blast and send your skills through the roof.

4 – Group privates

Getting some friend together for a group private can be a great way to have fun as well as learn some awesome skills in a more private environment. Split the cost and train together under the watchful eye of the instructor, we can tailor a lesson for you and make sure you get the most from the private session.

5 – Get fit, fast!

Private sessions can be a little more intense than regular sessions where you can let yourself slack a little sometimes! Make no mistake, we’ll make you work hard in any session you have with us, but especially in a private! You’ll have fun, learn lots of new things and my god will you sweat! Get fit, fast with private training and send your fitness levels through the roof.

We now offer 1-1 private sessions and group privates so if you’d like to book in for a private to suit your timing, let us know by dropping us an email or phone call.


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