Persistence is the key

Persistence is the key…

What do you hope to gain from training at Defence Lab Lincoln for either yourself or your child?

What got you started with us in the first place?

Did you want to improve fitness, confidence or self defence skills?

Through regular training, all these goals can be reached, but what does it take?

It takes persistence…

With the weather getting colder, wetter and a little more depressing, it can be easy to think of missing a training session here and there, but remember that habits form the basis of what we do everyday.

Many of us have daily habits, even if we are not aware of it. We wake up at a certain time, grab a shower, some coffee and breakfast and head to work. This is a habit.

We come home, maybe pick the kids up from school, make some dinner and then either relax for the evening, or even better, head out for one or two hours a week and go training.

This is a habit.

It can be far too easy however to get into bad habits and one missed session turns into two missed sessions, which then turns into two weeks missed and suddenly you’re out of the habit of training. And we all know that breaking a habit is harder than making a habit in the first place.

If you want to achieve the goals you set out to achieve through Defence Lab for either yourself, or your child, persistence is the key, and turning up to training is key.

Some people train once a week, some train two or three times a week. Let’s put that in perspective. That’s either one, two or three hours a week… Not a lot right?

But think of the benefits of 3 hours training a week. Fitness levels will improve, reactions will improve, weight will go down, confidence will go up, techniques will become more smooth, and progress will be made.

We all have lives to lead and jobs and home life to juggle, but what’s better, two or three hours training a week in a supportive and healthy environment, or two or three hours catching up with Eastenders?

Persistence separates those that do awesome! From those that eventually tail off or start to train less and less until they are no longer training with us.

Persistence separates those that will eventually go on to get black grade, or become instructors, from those who stop training and go back into their bad habits of exercising less and spending more time on the sofa watching TV. Tempting I know and life is all about balance, but can you spare 2 hours in your week to come and achieve all the many benefits of training in a martial art?

Just a little something to think about as we head into winter.

See you all on the mats at Defence Lab Lincoln 🙂

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