How to accomplish your goal in just 6 weeks…

How to achieve your goals in just 6 weeks…

People come to train at Defence Lab Lincoln for a number of reasons. Some want to get a little fitter, or lose a little weight. Some want to join a new social activity and some want to come to us to learn functional and realistic self defence training.

People often find it difficult to start or think it will take too long to see a noticeable change and this can be demoralising but with our training we are sure you will see a noticeable change or difference in yourself in just 12 sessions or 6 weeks.


Fitness is one of the most common reasons why people come to train with us at Defence Lab Lincoln. Let’s face it, the gym can be boring, monotonous and unless you get into the `gym culture` your membership can last for years, but the amount of times you actually go can be in single figures!

At Defence Lab Lincoln, we like to make the fitness side fun! That’s right, fun! And also a part of the training. Fitness is an intrinsic part of self defence, as if you have no gas tank and no stamina, you can’t defend yourself, simple as. Therefore the fitness we build on is a little different to your regular cardio and works more on High Intensity Interval Training. This is training proven to be more effective than regular treadmill cardio for both weight loss and stamina building and involves short bursts of energy/exercise (the fight) followed by periods of rest (post-fight).

This is by far the best way of training to lose weight, increase cardiovascular fitness and also fight fitness and in just 6 weeks training twice a week, you will see a significant improvement in your overall fitness levels as well as weight loss.

Social Group

Another reason for people joining Defence Lab Lincoln involves wanting to try something new and join a new social group. Walking into a new class of any sort can be scary! You don’t know anyone, you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t want to look like an idiot. EVERYONE feels this no matter who you are. It’s a nerve wracking thing and especially so in something physical like martial arts. We pride ourselves on being an ego free club. I’ve trained at enough martial arts academies where you are sized up the moment you walk in to know how it feels and so we are the opposite. We’ll welcome you in, make you feel at home and then get you on the mats for some fun. We regularly meet outside of class for drinks or food to just to say hey and build a cool culture which we like to nurture at Defence Lab Lincoln.

Functional self defence training.

Finally, people come to us looking for functional self defence training. Anything is better than nothing when it comes to self defence, and realistically there are no definitive answers as there are so many variables, but Defence Lab has been tried and tested and has been shown to work. Many different styles around the world are now starting to add our covers into their syllabus, as they work! We look at the worst case scenarios of mass attacks, as well as one on one, nightclub, weapons and every other scenario you can possibly think of.

From week one you will learn how to cover the major knockout points and throw a hard and effective strike. There are no katas in Defence Lab, or forms. From day one we work with a partner and learn to hit and be hit in a fun and interesting way to provoke a different way of thinking.

If you’re looking for self defence, Defence Lab is a great way to go.

The best part of all this…

The best part of all this is YOU can achieve all of this in just 6 weeks training regularly with us. This is why we run our 6 week beginner courses. It takes someone who knows nothing of self defence, or much of fitness training and over the 6 weeks gives you a basic understanding of both. After this you are able to progress into our regular classes and continue your journey of self defence and fitness.

Our ladies only daytime course has now started and we will soon be opening up registration for our next March course. Our adults mixed evening course begins Tuesday 22nd Jan 2019 and runs every Tues and Thurs for 6 weeks at 8pm. We still have a few spots left for this course so if you are wanting to book a place – just get in touch either through phone, 0800 246 1867, email or Facebook at Defence Lab Lincoln.

See you all on the mats!

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