Family week and corporate/group talks at Defence Lab Lincoln

Family week is nearly approaching at Defence Lab Lincoln!

Fancy seeing what your kids get up to at Defence Lab Lincoln? Come and give it a try the week beginning the 17th June 2017. You’ll have some quality bonding time with your child, bopping them on the head with a pair of pads and also get to see what they get up to every Tuesday and Thursday with us!

This is open to all Defence Lab members including our beginners courses, so for all those mums, dads and grandparents who sit on the side watching their kids, time to hop on the mats for the week!

Audience participation is encouraged and we’ll have some fun and games in all our classes so get ready!!

Could your group or business benefit from a personal safety talk by Defence Lab Lincoln? We offer corporate and group talks in our personal safety evenings! A short, but fun presentation on self protection including awareness, personal safety, physiology and psychology of self defence and the law. Followed by some fun with the pads!

We can come to your group for the evening and provide everything, so if your group, business, brownie group or women’s institute for example, could benefit, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do! Below is a short testimonial from the last event we did with a lovely bunch of ladies ranging in ages from 5 to 90!!

“As someone who is always a bit nervous when it starts to get dark I loved the tips and techniques Defence Lab taught us at our self- defence evening.

I feel much more confident out driving at night and walking, and I am pretty sure I could defend myself pretty well if I ever needed to now.

Dan gave us an awesome talk and even showed us the techniques on each other (our ladies thought that was hilarious!).

He was very polite and engaging, making every person at our session feel like they could do it! Everyone enjoyed it from our littlest person up to our older ladies. Thank you for a fabulous evening and for making it so easy to book! Super helpful, we will be using Defence lab again in the future!!”

Rebecca West

Personal safety is something everyone should at least know a little about and we aim to make it as fun and enjoyable an evening/day as possible so let us know if you’d like to get us booked in for a fun and informative session with Defence Lab Lincoln.

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