Defence Lab Private Sessions

We offer a range of options for private sessions at Defence Lab Lincoln – from 1-1 privates, to group privates or bulk booking discounts.

Private 1-1 sessions – Increase your skill level, work on your own development and have the full attention of the instructor through our private 1-1 sessions. Perfect for those wanting to increase their training or delve deeper into the world of martial arts and Defence Lab.

Group private sessions – Why not get a few friends together and book a group private? From 2 to 5 people, this smaller group means you still get personal attention from the instructor, but can split any costs between you, making group privates a more viable option for some.

Bulk Booking discounts – If you bulk book private sessions with Defence Lab Lincoln we’ll offer you a discount! We love people who are passionate and dedicated to their training and so reward those that want to study further and really develop their skills.

The benefits of private training are numerous and we’ve even written a whole blog post dedicated to private training which you can read at the link provided!

If you’re interested in private sessions at Defence Lab Lincoln please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether it’s for some personal safety, fitness or to take your training at Defence Lab Lincoln to the next level.