Defence Lab National Conference Weekend 2017

Wow! What an amazing weekend we had at the Defence Lab Annual Conference weekend 2017! 2 days of training with the best, learning, developing and generally having a ton of fun!

Saturday started with some amazing black belt gradings, a pleasure to watch! Lots of heart and a real beasting along with some fantastic technique from all areas of Defence Lab from multiple opponents to ground work, sparring and lots of fitness!! Amazing to see so a massive well done to all those who successfully passed – you should all be very proud!

Then it was training time!! We started on the Saturday with instructors and trainee instructors around the country coming together to learn from the main man – Andy Norman! We started with some basic footwork drills, simple but incredibly important. There’s a reason boxers work so much on their footwork – it is essential and something that even the very best can still improve on!

Then it was time for some weapons work and time to get the sticks out!! There are plenty of really cool drills out there for disarming sticks and stick fighting in general from the Kali and Eskrima background, but we took it back to basics…

Can you receive a 100% hit with a stick and walk away? Time to test! Lucky a basic shape 1 using a stick was a more than adequate block to take even the hardest hit and there were no injuries, just a few bruised arms! Then it was time to smash and enter using the stick and as always, keeping in mind multiple opponents and a 360 degree awareness. Amazing training!

A great suprise then came when Dan Holloway, Lead Instructor of Defence Lab Lincoln was inducted into the prestigious Team Storm of Defence Lab, showing that both the physical level was good, and the academy is growing well! An awesome achievement that I am very proud of!

Then it was on to day two and the open seminar! An early morning start for us in Lincoln where 10 of us made the journey down to Radisson Blu East Midlands to kick off the training!

Andy Norman and Defence Lab training all day would have been amazing enough, but not only did we get plenty of Defence Lab in, we also got Phil Norman of Ghost showing his elusive fighting style, and the legendary Bob Breen showing his 4D combat – a direct student of Dan Inosanto who was one of Bruce Lee’s original students and friend. Truly learning from the best.

Everything was covered from basic low level violence resolutions for use by door staff and security, to multiple attackers and weapons work.


A truly amazing day and great to see Lincoln representing and getting to meet and train with some truly living legends in the martial arts.

Ready for a full day of training!

The day finished off with some more weapons work, using a baseball cap as a weapon (yes really) and a great round up of an amazing day. I hope the Defence Lab Lincoln students left as buzzing and inspired as I did! Taking your training to a new level learning with the best in the business.

Defence Lab Lincoln students with Defence Lab Founder and Hollywood Fight Consultant Andy Norman

As always what I love most about Defence Lab is not only the raw and practical techniques and principles, but the general feel. I’m sure those who were there can testify to the fact that the atmosphere was great, ego free and all the instructors, students and trainee instructors were training together to learn and develop. This truly is what makes Defence Lab so special. One big global network with guys flying in from Germany to attend the conference!

With two of my favourite people! Tahir of Defence Lab Worcester Park and Nick Pamment of Defence Lab Bury St Edmunds, great people and great training partners.

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