Happy New Year from Defence Lab Lincoln


Happy New Year everyone!! Hope your Christmas was incredible and you had a great start to 2017! We are now back after the Christmas break and ready to rock! Thank you all for your support over 2016 and let’s bring on 2017!!

TUESDAY 10th January and THURSDAY 12th January we have our Defence Lab Lincoln Open Week! A great chance for you to bring anyone you feel could benefit from Defence Lab training to one of our sessions for some fun, fitness and self defence! This is open to both our adult students and kids students so feel free to bring anyone and let’s make it a rocking night full of fun and awesome self defence!!

Our next grading is Saturday 18th February so we’ll be getting ready to work you guys hard! Some of you will be completing your 4th grade or Orange grade meaning you are ¼ of the way to black belt, so be prepared to work hard, especially you adults!!!

We are really going to push the school this year with Dan quitting his full time job to focus on Defence Lab and build it further, so anything you would like to see, or ideas you may have to get more people involved with Defence Lab are always welcome! A constant theme emerging from people we’ve spoken to is a family class which we hope to open in the very near future! We are looking at perhaps a Saturday morning class where parents can train with kids and have some fun as a family. We love the family feel of Defence Lab Lincoln and wish to build this even more! That’s why we’d love to open this class, so let us know what you think!

Finally, adults we have some exciting plans for 2017 including a nightclub workshop we are currently looking in to. Dan has done quite a bit of pressure testing in nightclubs (both officially and unofficially!) and it’s a real eye opener to get the lights put on, the music blaring and smoke filling the room. Then it’s time to get stuck in and see how well your Defence Lab holds up! We’ll organise this very soon so keep an eye out!


Other than that, thank you again for supporting us and lets make 2017 amazing! Please keep sharing the school and spreading the word if you like what we’re doing!

Thanks see you in the labs!

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