June news from Defence Lab Lincoln

Woah! What an awesome month it has been at Defence Lab Lincoln. We are now truly settled at our new venue of Lincoln Fight Factory and hope that you guys are happy with the new home of Defence Lab Lincoln! We love the freedom it brings as well as all the cool equipment and atmosphere of the place.

Our beginners course is up and ready to go starting next week! We have a great bunch of kids joining us for our anti-bullying, confidence and fitness course and lots of funky things will be covered, ending with a little mini grading to show the skills learnt over the 6 weeks.

The same can be said for our adults beginner course which also starts next week. This will be a great introduction to what we do at Defence Lab Lincoln, why we do it, and how we are a little bit different to everything else out there in terms of self defence training.

Why is our system used in the police training now? Why has it featured in Hollywood films? Why is it active around the world? This is all stuff that will be covered over the 6 weeks, along with some top secret funky stuff you’ll have to wait to see.

Last weekend was the UK Defence Lab conference with Defence Lab founder Andy Norman flying over to train with the UK instructors and give us a bit of a beasting in the sun! Always a fantastic and inspiring weekend to meet up with other instructors around the country and learn from one of the top self defence instructors in the world.

Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar for the streets is also fast approaching on the 1st July 1-4pm. This will be a fantastic seminar and places are filling up so get booked on using the Facebook page here.

Our referral program is also still running remember everyone. Introduce a friend to Defence Lab Lincoln and if they decide to start with us, you’ll receive £20 as a thank you from us!

See you all in the lab soon!


Beginner courses & BJJ Seminars!

Our adult and kids 6 week beginner course is filling up fast, ready to take off on 27th July 2017!

There are just 5 places left for our kids course, and 6 for our adult course so go ahead and book on if you’d like to see you child lose weight, increase in confidence and have fun!

For the adults, Defence Lab Lincoln is great for weight loss, functional fitness and practical self defence.

You can book your place on either of our courses safely and easily using the PayPal link here

Start date 27th July 2017 every Tuesday and Thursday

Kids 5pm – 5.45pm

Adults 8pm – 9pm

We also have an exciting event coming up from our friends at East Midlands Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Sam Tweed who runs the club will be doing a 3 hour BJJ for the streets seminar to improve your ground game. BJJ is becoming increasingly popular due to the rise in MMA, and this seminar will focus on transferring BJJ from sport to the street – our speciality!

It will no doubt give you some more ideas and skills for ground defence as I know a few of you have been wanting to do more groundwork so here you go!

Book on using the PayPal link here – Just £20 for 3 hours of awesome BJJ goodness!