Mythbusting – Defence Lab Lincoln


What to expect at Defence Lab Lincoln!

Say martial arts to most people and they’ll think of long lines of people in white pyjamas, kicking, screaming and throwing each other around. It can be pretty intimidating walking in to any new club as a new member, especially a martial arts class where the above stereotype may apply so we thought we’d give you a little run down of what to expect when you book in for a trial at Defence Lab Lincoln.

From the moment you take the leap and book a free trial with us, we’ll guide you through where we are, what time we train and what to bring with you. We know and realise that coming in to class on your own, or with a friend as we encourage, can be a little daunting at first. Therefore, from the moment you walk in to your first class, you’ll be made to feel welcome by both our instructors and our current students.

They’ll be a quick health form to fill in and you can have a chat with our instructors, let them know any niggling injuries or limitations you might have, as well as what you’d like to achieve from training with us. People come to us for a variety of reasons, from wanting to lose weight, to wanting to feel safer or simply to enjoy a fun and sociable activity. Whatever your goal, we can help you at Defence Lab Lincoln.

After you’ve filled in your health form and had a quick chat with one of our instructors or students, it’s time to begin! We start at end every class with a line up where we do the Defence Lab salute then it’s time to start the warm up.


Our warm ups focus on High Intensity Interval Training aimed to warm the body up, as well as increase general fitness and burn fat. A number of exercises will be done aiming to work the whole body and people can work to their own fitness levels, pushing it if they feel they can, or if it’s your first time, taking it easy! As you increase your time with us, you’ll see your fitness increase and will want to push the warm ups more and more.

It’s then time to get into the training. Defence Lab is unique in the fact that it covers literally every possible scenario imaginable. From diffusing verbal confrontations, to defending yourself from sitting or even lying on the ground, we cover all bases! This means that classes at Defence Lab Lincoln are always a little different as there is so much to cover! We grade, just like other martial arts and so grading syllabus is covered, but so is a wealth of other areas of study, making Defence Lab a truly unique and never ending journey.


We first learn the technique or principle we are developing that lesson. We then fatigue it, adding another element of fitness and endurance into the technique. We then finally stress it, seeing if the technique holds up under pressure when your breathing harder and tired. This method of training is pretty unique and wow, does it get you fit fast! It’s also fantastic fun and all our students are supportive, friendly and we at Defence Lab Lincoln are like one big family!

The class ends with a game of dodgeball or an introduction to the 4 man box! If you have no idea what that is, no problem, better come along to a class and find out! We then salute out grab some water and have a chat.

Well done you’ve just taken your first step with Defence Lab Lincoln – wasn’t so scary!

We love the fact we are an open and very welcoming club and every member is a friend and training partner. We regularly hold social events after grading days or times of the year like Christmas and think it’s important to get to know your training partners outside of Defence Lab Lincoln, as well as inside. We believe that this, coupled with the fantastic and practical system of Defence Lab is what sets us apart.

Take an in depth look at the global phenomenon that is Defence Lab in the video below.

So go on, take a risk and book in for a free trial. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get fitter or feel a little safer, we can offer you something here at Defence Lab Lincoln.

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Nutrition & performance – Defence Lab Lincoln

When the weather is a bit wet, windy and cold it can be tempting to opt for the easy route when it comes to our nutrition, especially if we lead a busy life. Reaching straight for the microwave meal, or worse, the chocolate cupboard before heading out for a training session means that shockingly, your body won’t be working to it’s full potential during the lesson. Failing to fuel your body in the correct way means that you may fail to perform to the best of your ability during class and so it’s important to fuel up, ready for your workout and a class of pad smashing!

We’ll keep this super simple without looking too much into macros, grams of protein needed daily or calorie counting and simply say this. Fuel up right before you start your class! Warm ups at Defence Lab Lincoln focus on high intensity interval training, getting your body into the fat burning zone ASAP and warming the body up ready for some Defence Lab style shapeshifting! The clue is in the name – High Intensity! If you’ve just smashed a McChicken Sandwich meal and a large milkshake on the way to class, you aren’t going to feel that great as we get you to jump up and down and do press ups! Be sensible, and fuel up with healthy food to see you through your session with us.

Failing to eat can also be an issue too however. Again, the intensity of some of our workouts and training sessions means that your body needs something to give you energy to get through the session. From a round in the temple of chaos or 4 man box, to flow drills designed to get you looking awesome as well as burn your arms out, this all needs energy! Failing to eat before class means you may burn out halfway through and so the second half of class won’t be as effective for you, in terms of losing weight, or testing your technique.

So to summarise. Eat right! Eat a small meal before coming to our classes at Defence Lab Lincoln, aiming for plenty of protein, vegetables and a small amount of carbohydrates for energy. Try to eat at least an hour before training so you have time to digest, and before you know it your fitness will be improving and you’ll be rocking the Defence Lab shapes every week!

See you all in the lab!

Dan Holloway