Weight loss through High Intensity Interval Training


Weight loss at Defence Lab Lincoln

It’s January and so it’s pretty natural for people to want to lose a little weight after the Christmas period. We’ve indulged, drank a little too much and eaten a little too much too and so the January detox begins! If you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, get fitter and learn a fantastic system of self defence, look no further than Defence Lab Lincoln.

What is Defence Lab?

Defence Lab is a global network of martial arts and fitness facilities. We offer classes for both kids, and adults and love the family feel we have at Defence Lab Lincoln with many families training with us! We offer a very realistic and practical approach to self defence. There are no traditional martial arts or kata with us, from your first class you’ll learn skills that will help to keep you safe should you ever be faced with a threat.

Along with this however, we offer a fantastic form of functional fitness and weight loss. Are program works on High Intensity Interval Training, known around the world as one of the most effective forms of weight loss and muscle toning.

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

Two main forms of cardiovascular exercise exist. Steady state cardio, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). An example of steady state cardio could be perhaps a 20 minute run at a gentle pace. This is great for building overall stamina and endurance over a prolonged period of time, but has it’s limitations and it’s effectiveness has been questioned in comparison to HIIT.

HIIT comprises of high intensity exercise for a short period of time, followed by a period of rest, then repeat. An example of this could be 30 seconds sprinting flat out, then 1 minute of running/walking to recover. You can repeat this 4-5 times and we guarantee you’ll be sweating, breathing heavily and having a great workout! With HIIT you can complete your workout in around 10 minutes, burn fat faster than steady state cardio, and send your cardiovascular endurance through the roof! This is what we aim for at Defence Lab Lincoln.

How do we impliment High Intensity Interval Training at Defence Lab Lincoln?

Our warm-ups comprise of 6-10 minutes of various exercises designed to warm the body up, get the blood pumping and work every muscle group in the body. A variety of exercises are done for a short duration, followed by rest. The next exercise is then done and this is repeated. An example of one of our workouts could be:

High knees – 30 seconds

15 seconds rest

Squats – 30 seconds

15 seconds rest

Push ups – 30 seconds

15 seconds rest

Sit ups – 30 seconds

15 seconds rest

Plank – 40 seconds

Rest and repeat. 

Not only is this a fantastic way to get you warmed up and ready for the session, but it also kick starts your metabolism, allowing your to be burning fat, even when the session is finished and you are sat at home watching TV! This is a major advantage over steady state cardio where once the workout stops, your body’s metabolism stops. Through HIIT your body can still be burning fat from 12-18 hours after your workout!

What about after the HIIT warmup?

Our training consists of delivering real world solutions to real world violence and each technique or principle consists of three elements

First we learn the technique, why we do it and getting the correct mechanics.

We then fatigue the technique, raising our heart rate and increasing the levels of CO2 in the body, improving cardiovascular fitness, building muscle and entering the fat burning zone.

Finally we stress the technique and see if it works under pressure. This really tests the technique and the practitioner. Will the technique stand up to real world pressure? Expect the heart rate to soar up at this point and this to really challenge you in a fun, and friendly environment!

Fat burning through High Intensity Interval Training

At Defence Lab Lincoln, from the warm up all the way through to the end of your class – you enter the fat burning zone meaning that at the end of the session, we want you smiling, sweating and feeling you’ve learnt something new. This kind of functional fitness is what sets up apart from the competition and why we have so many coming to us asking for weight loss in their training as well as general fitness improvements.

For weight loss, muscle toning and improved cardiovascular fitness, you need look no further than Defence Lab Lincoln. We are offering FREE training all through January for new members, and we offer a FREE trial, FREE T-SHIRT and FREE CONSULTATION throughout the year at Defence Lab Lincoln.

You can book your free trial through our contact page or by emailing d.holloway@defencelab.com, or freephone calling 0800 246 1867.

Start your journey to fitness, weight loss and functional self defence with us today.

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Happy New Year from Defence Lab Lincoln


Happy New Year everyone!! Hope your Christmas was incredible and you had a great start to 2017! We are now back after the Christmas break and ready to rock! Thank you all for your support over 2016 and let’s bring on 2017!!

TUESDAY 10th January and THURSDAY 12th January we have our Defence Lab Lincoln Open Week! A great chance for you to bring anyone you feel could benefit from Defence Lab training to one of our sessions for some fun, fitness and self defence! This is open to both our adult students and kids students so feel free to bring anyone and let’s make it a rocking night full of fun and awesome self defence!!

Our next grading is Saturday 18th February so we’ll be getting ready to work you guys hard! Some of you will be completing your 4th grade or Orange grade meaning you are ¼ of the way to black belt, so be prepared to work hard, especially you adults!!!

We are really going to push the school this year with Dan quitting his full time job to focus on Defence Lab and build it further, so anything you would like to see, or ideas you may have to get more people involved with Defence Lab are always welcome! A constant theme emerging from people we’ve spoken to is a family class which we hope to open in the very near future! We are looking at perhaps a Saturday morning class where parents can train with kids and have some fun as a family. We love the family feel of Defence Lab Lincoln and wish to build this even more! That’s why we’d love to open this class, so let us know what you think!

Finally, adults we have some exciting plans for 2017 including a nightclub workshop we are currently looking in to. Dan has done quite a bit of pressure testing in nightclubs (both officially and unofficially!) and it’s a real eye opener to get the lights put on, the music blaring and smoke filling the room. Then it’s time to get stuck in and see how well your Defence Lab holds up! We’ll organise this very soon so keep an eye out!


Other than that, thank you again for supporting us and lets make 2017 amazing! Please keep sharing the school and spreading the word if you like what we’re doing!

Thanks see you in the labs!