Martial Arts Lincoln – Defence Lab November News!


WOW! What a time it’s been at our Martial Arts Lincoln classes. Defence Lab Lincoln has been rocking! We had our amazing grading a few weeks ago where 23 adults and kids SMASHED IT and all levelled up and passed on to their next grade. We were graded by the Defence Lab International Director of Personnel so well done everyone you didn’t have it easy!

15109450_10154745715097070_4705002979154836084_nThen it was time for DEFENCE LAB FRANCHISE WEEKEND and TRI-BRAND SEMINAR! It was great to see our very own Steve Stacey pass his CIT course and progress on to the next stage and become a Defence Lab Instructor! Look out for classes opening with him in the new year hopefully! Then it was time to smash with Andy Norman and Phil Norman! Andy did an amazing job of showcasing his Defence Lab system and decoding a street fight, and Phil showcased his incredible Ghost system and how it can be applicable in both sports fighting and self defence. There was a total of 7 people representing from Defence Lab Lincoln and it was great to see how much you guys all enjoyed it and were inspired by the best!


Myself and Steve recently did another NCS workshop at Grantham and Lincoln colleges where we taught nearly 100 kids over the day! It was great fun giving a personal safety talk, followed by some physical Defence Lab techniques! We had a great time and look forward to doing more in the future.


Our Christmas social is on 11th December at Lincoln Bowl! Get in touch with Steve for details.

I’ll be putting an order in for Christmas of Defence Lab Clothing so if anyone would like anything, let me know by the 2nd December please!

Our refer-a-friend-graphicreferral program is now up and running with anyone who brings a friend along to class who then signs up receiving £10 and a HUG!! You lucky people! If you enjoy what we do, the best thing you can do for us is spread the word and help build the school. Share, speak, and come train 🙂

Look out in the New Year for new classes opening up and a few exciting developments from Defence Lab Lincoln! See you all in class!