Valencia and Defence Lab Lincoln Grading Day

Hey everyone!

So myself and CIT Steve are back from Valencia where we had an epic few days relaxing on the beach, drinking cocktails and of course most importantly, training with the Defence Lab crew and getting some awesome knowledge to transmit to you guys! It was fantastic to see instructors from around the world coming together to train under the awesome Andy Norman and his team, and it just once again highlighted that massive family feel that Defence Lab has! Friends, family, instructors, wives, daughter, sons, everyone was there for the Defence Lab training and socialising! Here’s a few pictures from our trip, hope to see a few of you guys coming with us next year!!





Now down to business! We have our FREE SEMINAR coming up this Saturday at the Priory Witham Academy as 12pm-2pm. This will give a good overview of Defence Lab and what makes us awesome, as well as bit of craziness and some cool moves to throw in too! Open to everyone over 13, get friends, family and everyone to come down! It’s completely free what have you got to lose!

The following Saturday is our Defence Lab Lincoln grading day! EEK! James Boyle from DL Kidderminster is coming down to grade our students and it will be a fantastic day, with a free seminar by James himself after our adult grading session! Kids kick off at 12 for an hour, adults at 1pm and then free adult seminar 2-3pm! Adults try and get there a little early please to sort paperwork and I want a big group picture of everyone who is grading! See you all there!!

Events for the diary!

Hey everyone!!

Just a quick post today with some events from Defence Lab Lincoln to pop in the diary!

There will be no training Thursday 7th July, Thursday 14th July or Tuesday 19th July. This is due to the sports centre being closed on the 7th July at City School, and myself and Steve going to Valencia for the Defence Lab annual summer training camp the week after! Please feel free to make up classes by coming along on a Tuesday if you’re a Thursday labber or visa versa!

The week commencing Monday 25th July will be our `Bring a Buddy` week. This is a great opportunity to introduce more people to Defence Lab, be it adults or kids and they’ll be free to come along, see what we’re about and hopefully join our black and green family! This week will be topped off by an OPEN SEMINAR on Saturday 30th July open for adults only. Here we’ll be investigating some of the main principles from Defence Lab, as well as of course a crazy bit of ShapeShifting! This won’t be regular grading stuff and hopefully they’ll be a great turnout, so bring your partners, friends, sisters, daughters, dogs…. anyone! Facebook events for both of these events will be going up soon!

Saturday 6th August we have our GRADING DAY!! James Boyle, DL Team Storm member will be coming from Defence Lab Kidderminster to examine us, so get your T-Shirts washed and get ready to smash!! It’ll be a great day and James has kindly said he will do an hour long workshop after the grading for us on some funky Defence Lab stuff!

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August we have two promotional stall! Saturday we will be at the Fete on the Strait on Lincoln’s Steep Hill, so come down in your black and green tops, represent and show some of your skills! Sunday 21st, we’ll be at Witham St Hughes for a stall and demonstration so again, feel free to come down and throw some shapes, smash some pads, and share Defence Lab with everyone!

There we have it! It’s going to be a busy couple of months at Defence Lab Lincoln! See you all in class!!