Defence Lab Lincoln – Cyberbullying


It seems like technology is everywhere we go nowadays! Walk down the road and you’re likely to see people from all ages looking down at theri screens, mid-text or mid-scroll through their Facebook feed. While technology has certainly bought the world closer together and made communication around the globe far easier, there are also some negative aspects to technology. One of which is cyberbullying. Those who partipate in martial arts and self defence do so to get fitter, improve confidence and hopefully be able to defend themselves if they ever had to. Cyberbullying is an ever increasing problem however and one that cannot always be easily dealt with.

What is cyberbullying?

The National Crime Prevention Council defines cyberbullying as:

Using the internet, cell phones, or other technology to send or post images or texts intended to hurt or embarass another person.

Examples may include:

  • Posting threats or slurs online
  • Posting embarassing content about someone online
  • Pretending to be someone else to harass or tease someone online


A shocking 81% of young people do not think that cyberbullying is a big deal and would participate if encouraged by friends of if they thought they wouldn’t get caught. Cyberbullying, like all forms of bullying can cause psychological, emotional and physical damage over a prolonged period of time. Although each individual reacts differently, common effects can include depression and increased anxiety.

What to do if you’re a victim

  • Keep a record of any instances
  • Don’t cyberbully back
  • Report the incident to the webiste administrator e.g. Facebook report.
  • Tell an adult you trust what is going on
  • Recognise that you don’t deserve to be cyberbullied and that something has to be done

How to prevent

  1. Don’t participate
  2. Talk to a trusted adult
  3. Raise awareness in your school
  4. Start an anti-bullying program to raise awareness and help those suffering

More info can be found here

Defence Lab Lincoln Open Week!

Wow! What a week it’s been at Defence Lab Lincoln! Last weekend we had an incredible Defence Lab Franchise weekend and Andy Norman seminar hosted by Paul Strauther, Crew Member and Defence Lab Hull, Willerby and Goole Owner on Friday night. Andy smashed through some of the new talent code and the guys that went from Defence Lab Lincoln were blown away by his speed and skill! Then Saturday and Sunday was time for us instructors to network with other school owners, get some business tips to smash our schools and some golden nuggets of information from the man himself Andy!




It was then time for our `Bring a Buddy and Open Week` for Defence Lab Lincoln! The kids rocked up for our biggest ever kids class, great energy and lots and lots of fun! Even our resident kickboxing black belt Tom Newell was sweating and had a stitch by the end! Then came our adult DNA class where we introduced a little of the Sports Combat Programme coming soon to Defence Lab Lincoln, focusing on Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA after a great warm up by our CIT Steve! The sun was out so outdoor training was on the menu! SUNS OUT, GUNS OUT!



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